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Well, is it possible to complete the section on the male genital organ gel together meaning better than to talk about one horrible, but at the same time comic chapter in urology? I mean Buy Gel For Erectile Dysfunction in Mobile USA incidents related to the vacuum cleaner model from a well-known German manufacturer.

Buy Gel For Erectile Dysfunction in Mobile USA

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About vacuum cleaner «Kobold» even a doctoral dissertation was written; more than two decades after its publication by Charlotte Roche and Christoph Maria Herbst [15 – Charlotte Roche (born 1978) – German actress, TV presenter, writer. Christoph Maria Herbst (born 1966) – German actor.] had a huge success during his recital tour. An acquaintance of mine told me that in 2004, the buy kamagra soft tabs was in this lecture and left without waiting for the end; near the door she met a group of the same who could not stand the horrors and left the hall – mostly men. What is the matter? Let’s start from the beginning. So, in the 1970s, a vacuum cleaner model appeared «Kobold»[16 – In German mythology, small creatures similar to our house-like ones.]. In contrast to the current buy kamagra oral jelly thailand familiar to us vacuum cleaners, he had a rather short suction buy kamagra now pipe – only 11 centimeters. Next was mounted fan that created the suction flow, behind him – bag dust collector.

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In essence, the device looked like a motorized broom: an oblong bag hung on a stick, and under it, just above the nozzle and the floor, there was a round casing with a fan. So it came to the fact that men tried to use a vacuum cleaner as an aid to achieve orgasm.

Buy Gel For Erectile Dysfunction in Mobile USA

There are people who prefer to masturbate with a non-dominant hand (often left) and call it «meeting with a stranger». Some aces masturbate even with a slightly relaxed, insensitive hand. However, there are a variety of aids that can be bought in the store erotic goods. But why spend money on an expensive appliance, if in the storeroom the existence of such a wonderful handyman, limited by home cleaning, «Kobold» power of 1700 revolutions per minute? After cleaning the device is almost already heated, and the man deserved some encouragement. And now let’s remember does a kamagra work on females: the average length of the penis – about 13 centimeters, and the distance to the fan, which makes 1,700 revolutions per minute, – 11 centimeters. Yeah. That is exactly viagra or kamagra or cialis Buy Gel For Erectile Dysfunction in Mobile USA. And it turned out that at that time patients with serious injuries of the genitals began to enter the departments of urology more often.

Buy Gel For Erectile Dysfunction in Mobile USA

On this basis, a doctoral dissertation was born with a charming title. «Penis damage due to masturbation with vacuum cleaners»; wrote it in 1978 is it safe to buy kamagra online year Michael Alshibaya Teimuraz. And although the men for the most part disputed that they had suffered from the intention to masturbate, and claimed that they only wanted to do a massage with a vacuum cleaner or completely repaired the grinder, the nature of the injuries clearly indicated «Kobold disease» – Morbus Kobold, as this attack is still called among themselves experts. When the problem surfaced, the manufacturer modified the model accordingly, but to this day, in individual emergency departments of viagra gel caps, there are isolated patients with Morbus Kobold. In particular, one of my patients wanted to clean the apartment from cat hair. Quite by chance, he was not dressed, stumbled unsuccessfully, and hit the vacuum cleaner with his penis. Keep you away from further details; often, in order to somehow reconstruct the original state, such damages require expensive operations for kamagra oral jelly for sale. Whether «Kobold», designed to bring cleanliness to your home, or whatever, my imperative advice – not to venture so desperate enterprises. The mere action of the suction force can severely damage the head, penis and foreskin.

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